For the film's initial research phase, Jen Sachs visited libraries and archives across the U.S. and Europe over the course of a decade.  
During the pre-production phase, Jen was awarded residential fellowships at The CAMAC Center of Art in France, Yaddo in the United States, and The Bogliasco Foundation in Italy.  She created the rough script and storyboards and began conducting interviews with experts in these countries.
Jen received grants from the Wolf Aviation Fund and The Puffin Foundation and created an initial animatic.
Ruby Lopez joined the production to help it reach the next phase.  The pair ran a successful IndieGoGo crowdsourcing campaign and raised funds for a temporary additional animator and a final expert interview shoot.  Over a dozen character voice actors were cast and recorded.  A donation from The Florence Gould Foundation allowed Jen to focus on animating some key scenes of the film.  
On her own, Jen has continued the production in the ensuing yearsmeticulously designing and animating over a thousand shots.  The result is a uniquely personal exploration of history and the way it is constructed.
As the production of the animation nears completion, the post-production phase will begin and necessitate an expansion of the sound and image team.